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Just over a century ago the God of Humanity died.

His name was Aroden, and he not only lifted humanity out of the ashes and terror of the Age of Darkness (an age that followed the meteoric cataclysm known as Earthfall), but founded the greatest city in the world – Absalom. He defeated the foul wizard-king Tar-Baphon. He drove back the demon lord of the Locust Host from the nation of Sarkoris. He eventually left the world to join the divine host after setting humanity on course for a great destiny. Prophecies said that when humanity was ready to ascend back to the pinnacle it once held in the ancient times of Old Azlant, Aroden would return to the world to usher in a new Age of Glory.

But instead of returning at the appointed time, Aroden, the god of humanity, died.

The death of the god of humanity marked the beginning of a new age. The previous ages had names to inspire and bolster the spirit – the Age of Destiny, the Age of Enthronement. But this new age is not a time of plenty. It is the Age of Lost Omens, for if a god cannot fulfill his own prophecy, what chance has any other coming true? Aroden’s death scarred the world with storms and madness. To the north, the world split open and the festering armies of the Abyss spilled out through a tear in reality known today as the Worldwound. To the south, the idyllic gulf of Abendego was consumed by a perpetual hurricane whose winds and waves drowned nations. And in the heartlands of the Inner Sea region, where Aroden had been prophesied to return, civil war erupted and thousands died before the diabolic House of Thrune seized power.

The Ages of Lost Omens has now entered its second century, and in the eleven decades since Aroden’s death, the world has become a darker place, a place where ancient beings waken from slumber, where nations are ruled by criminals or devil worshippers or worse, a place where nothing is foretold and where anything can happen.

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