The Horns of Naraga

Plot Recap #1

The year is 4711 AR (Absalom Reckoning, it’s been 4711 years since Aroden, the Last Azlanti, rasied the Starstone from the depths of the Inner Sea, achieved Godhood and founded Absalom) and the month is Pharast (March, early Spring). Our heroes officially begin the chronicle in the strange city of Carrion Hill, waking up from a good nights sleep at the Gray Render Inn.

The heroes had arrived in Carrion Hill searching for evidence of Vasgalt, an elven Blackguard traitor, yet found that their trail went cold at the so-called ‘Black Manor’ in the Crown district. After setting up a headquarters at the nearby Gray Render Inn, Eiridan, Greyfyre and Osric went on a pilgrimage to the silent Monastery of the Veil hidden deep within the mountains of Ulcazar, searching for clues to the
whereabouts of their both Greyfyre’s father, Alaran, and Osric’s mentor, Terragol. The few monks that could communicate with them unfortunately were of little help, telling them that it had been over three years since their quarry had left the monastery, heading south east in the direction of Redleaf.

Meanwhile, Krazak, Mathius and Drak-Thar remained in Carrion Hill and encountered what would be remembered as the Carrion Hill Horror. Five cultists of the Old Gods had discovered an ancient grotto, where a forbidden text, The Panakotic Manuscript, had allowed them to summon a creature from ‘between the stars’. Escaping their naive control, it began to destroy buildings and feed on the locals so our heroes had to track down the remaining cultists in order to prevent the monster from growing in power. The last cultist, the insane Keeper Grove, confronted them in his Asylum and planned to sacrifice these meddling adventurers to the Spawn in attempt to regain some control over it. Yet our heroes managed to kill him within the final hour and banish the creature back from whence it came.

With the thanks of Mayor Heggry, and a sizable reward, our heroes reunite at the Inn to discuss the next stage of their plan and what they intend to do with the forbidden manuscript that they have in their possession.



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